7 of the Best Guided Meditation Apps for Peace of Mind

guided meditation

Meditation isn’t easy,  but the best-guided meditation apps can help.

You sit down in an attempt to quieten your monkey-mind and find solace in the present moment. Within seconds, though, a barrage of thoughts and concerns rush forth and commandeer your attention. Regaining focus over and over again, without judgment or recourse, is hard work.

To start meditating is to realize that it’s a skill like any other.

Improvement takes practice, patience, and, more often than not, guidance.

This is where having the best-guided meditation apps on your phone comes in handy. They bring meditation, a practice that’s thousands of years old, into the 21st Century! Download an app to your mobile and, voila, you’ve got all the meditation guidance, insight, and instruction you need, right there in your pocket.

However, with tons to choose from, finding the right one for the task can be difficult too. Are you looking for help in this regard?

Read on to discover 7 top apps that offer high-quality guided meditation.

1. Calm (Best-Guided Meditation App Overall)

Calm is an award-winning app that’s as suitable for beginner meditators as it is to old-hands.

Download it at no cost and enjoy instant access to a wide range of guided practices.

Sessions vary in length and subject to support everything from finding gratitude to relieving anxiety. Throw in the sleep stories, breathing exercises, and kid-friendly meditations, and Calm is hard to fault.

With new sessions and features added on an ongoing basis, you’ll never be short of guided meditations to get you through the day

2. Headspace (Best-Guided Meditation App with Animations)

Headspace is another hugely popular app that provides a great introduction to mindfulness meditation.

We love that it uses video animations to explain key themes and ideas. In so doing, you get an education into the practice alongside the sessions themselves, of which there’s no shortage!

Hundreds of meditations cater for every timeframe and subject area imaginable. Enjoy sessions on balance, gratitude, handling emergencies, and soothing anxiety, to name but a few. A series of calming sleep sounds is another nice addition.

The initial Headspace download is free of charge and provides access to numerous introductory sessions. After that, though, you’ll be charged $12.99 per month for the full app.

3. Simple Habit

Simple Habit is another top-rated guided meditation app on iPhone and Android.

Download this app (for free) and you’ll be encouraged to spend 5 minutes each day to stop and slow down. It provides great guided meditation for focus, sleep, and stress-reduction, and so on.

People who want short and snappy guided interventions to experience profound spiritual transformations are sure to appreciate Simple Habit.

But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll enjoy access to a range of other features too, including motivational guides and life coaching.

4. Insight Timer

Insight Timer offers one of the largest libraries of free guided meditation sessions out there.

With more than 40,000 sessions led by experts in the field, you’re spoiled for choice in terms of the guidance you access on any particular day.

As you’d imagine, there are sessions dedicated to a diverse array of areas.

Sleep, body scans, stress, loving-kindness, and anxiety, are a few popular options. Want to sit in silence instead? Use the timer function, complete with soothing bells, to meditate without guidance. It’ll let you know when the session’s over.

5. Stop, Breathe & Think (SBT)

If you’re looking for personalized guided meditation, then SBT might be right for you.

It’s championed as a ‘friendly app’ dedicated to mindfulness and compassion.

In practice, the app encourages you to check in with your emotions before suggesting a particular guided meditation to help. Its wide range of short guided sessions claims to improve peoples’ overall mental wellbeing and levels of self-care.

You’ll enjoy classic sessions that improve sleep and reduce stress/anxiety, to videos on yoga and acupressure. Nicely, the app provides tracking capabilities too. You can monitor your mood to see how you were doing before and after each session.

6. Buddhify

People on the hunt for task-specific guided meditations will love Buddhify.

It costs $4.99 but gives you instant access to over 200 sessions.

Like most apps on this list, there’s a wide range of durations (from 3 to 40 minutes), which allows you to mix and match according to your situation.

Another positive feature is the ability to choose between different teachers. You can find someone with a meditational style that suits your preferences!

As we mentioned, though, Buddhify’s major plus-point is the specific nature of each session. You select them based on what you’re doing! Eating dinner? There’s a session for that. Playing sports? There’s a session for that. At the office? You guessed it- there’s a session for that.

7. Aura

The difficulty with some guided meditation apps is choosing the right session for your mood. Aura solves that problem by filtering your options based on how you’re feeling.

As you open it up it’ll prompt you to identify your mood. You might select ‘Great’, ‘Sad’, or ‘Anxious’, among others, at which point the app points you toward suitable sessions.

Once again, this app is free to use and boasts a range of additional personalized features. Everything from life coaching to music and stories serves to improve your mood and keep you centered.

The tracking capabilities of the app can reveal patterns in your moods as well. And, finally, Aura will chime in throughout the day (if you want it to), reminding you to pause, be mindful, and breathe.

Try the Best-Guided Meditation Apps!

Meditation sounds easy. You just sit, hit pause, and embrace the present moment- freeing your mind and focusing on the here-and-now.

Alas, the reality is far different! Any attempt at meditation confronts you with your distractibility. You get lost in thought and can become frustrated by your lack of focus.

Guided meditation, and the best-guided meditation apps, can help you stay rooted in the present. Even better, with these apps in your pocket, you can reap the rewards of meditation at all times of day!

The difficult part is picking the right app for the job. Hopefully, though, this post will help you do it.

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