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Learning about Science of Meditation - one step at a time!

If you learn the science of meditation from a Master, you would progress on this path multi-fold. For anyone who meditates or wants to start meditating, the journey can be confusing at times. Even if you are an experienced meditation practitioner, it is difficult to know where to correct yourself in the daily practice. 

  • What exactly is meditation?

  • How can I improve my meditation practice?

  • What are the signs of progress in meditation?

  • What happens to your brain in meditation?

  • Can I meditate while travelling?

  • How do I begin meditation?

  • Do I need to sit cross legged during meditation?  

The questions just keep coming.

Internet unfortunately offers many answers to the practice of meditation and given many roads that can take you to the same destination – it does get tricky. However, what many also offer are quick & easy meditation recipes – after all they need customers! If there is one thing that we have learnt about meditation – it is neither quick nor easy.

how2meditate.com has been conceived to help anyone learn and gain more knowledge of meditation. Beauty lies in the details. Our focus is to go in details to help you find your hurdles, insights on your practice and more.You will find answers to all your meditation related questions here. And you can always put your question in the comments box and you will recieve your answers soon. Visit this space for insightful stories on the journey of meditation.

To know more about  meditation & learn some basic principles of meditation, you can read this blog postThe question then becomes – how do we know about Meditation? And why should you trust the teachings on this website. 

The answer is rather simple – the knowledge shared in this website comes out of experience & “experience only”.  

Om Swami
Om Swami

knowledge & experiences of Om Swami

Om Swami is a Himalayan monk, adept in meditation. Everything we talk about in this website comes from his direct experience. Swami embarked on his spiritual journey in 2010, leaving behind the trappings of the material world to discover his own truth.

After being initiated into saṃnyāsa, he spent 13 months in the lap of the Himalayas. There, he practiced meditation in solitude, with sessions lasting upto 22 hours a day. He has spent over 15,000 hours meditating.

Researchers from The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) have studied the remarkable effects of his intense practice and published the results in the 9th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (NER) held in 2019. 

If Meditation was a sport, Swami would have been an Olympic Champion. So there you have it – a simple reason to trust how2meditate.com. 

For any feedback or queries, you can write to us at contact@how2meditate.comWishing you the very best in your journey to meditate. And while you are on that journey, do not forget to