Meditation Tips

Meditation Tips  are for improving the quality of your meditation. Do you know,

  • Just the position of your hands would change how you feel during the practice of your meditation? 
  • In fact, during the practice its natural that your back tilts a little forward or little backward. Your head may tilt either side unconsciously. These posture changes would change the way you feel after the practice. 
  • You may not even be able to complete the practice. And we wonder, why I am not able to meditate? 

Similarly, only with discipline you can build your meditation practice. Skipping in between will not give you any results. That’s why it is important to know why you want to meditate. Only once you know your true reason, you will stick to your discipline.

There are some virtues to follow to enhance and see results of your meditation practice. Here is an interesting article by Dalai Lama

This page is to give you those small details that would help you build your practice more effectively.

guided meditation

7 of the Best Guided Meditation Apps for Peace of Mind

Meditation isn’t easy,  but the best-guided meditation apps can help. You sit down in an attempt to quieten your monkey-mind and find solace in the present moment. Within seconds, though, a barrage of thoughts and concerns rush forth and commandeer your attention. Regaining focus over and over again, without judgment or

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benefits of guided meditation

7 Fascinating Benefits of Guided Meditation You Did Not Know

At least 40% of Americans now meditate at least once a week. Another 8% say that they meditate at least once or twice every month. It’s time that you consider doing the same so that you can also enjoy the benefits of guided meditation.  Meditation, after all, is a 5,000 BCE-old practice that science now

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How meditation leads to spiritual transformation

Meditation : How it Leads to Spiritual Transformation

On a global scale, anywhere between 200 to 500 million people meditate. In the United States, over 14% of adults have tried meditating at least once. Yes, daily meditation is beneficial in and of itself. However, you’ll experience even more benefits if you incorporate your faith into your practice. Here are some of

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Monk in Meditative Posture

Posture in Meditation

A still body leads to a still mind.  The very first step to start meditation is to find ways to still your body, hence the “posture” in meditation is extremely important.  It is impossible to have a still mind if your body is moving continuously.  If we observe great artists,

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What is Meditation

What does Meditation mean?

Meditation is a way to gift yourself unique peace of mind. With demanding schedules, responsibilities, we postpone all the emotional and mental needs to some other day. We promise ourselves, that in future we will have more time and then there would be time to relax and unwind. But when we get that time, can we really sit and relax? Can we experience peace?

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Meditating Monk

How to Meditate?

So you have finally decided that you want to begin meditation? – Congratulations! That first step though small is more difficult than it looks. After all why meditate when there are so many options out there to relax, get entertained, learn or exercise. What is so special about meditation? Well,

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